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At Ayala Law Office, P.C., we focus our attention on you, your needs, and your family’s needs. In our family law and divorce Tucson practice, we offer services to our clients seeking a contested divorce or uncontested divorce. We take time to listen to you, to review your assets and debts, and to answer your questions and help you make an informed decision about how to best proceed with your case.


If you and your spouse are in agreement on the terms of your divorce, an uncontested divorce may be right for you. We can prepare all necessary paperwork and file all necessary documents with the court.

It is always best to speak with an attorney about the facts of your case to determine if an uncontested or contested divorce is right for you. Many people originally believe that an uncontested divorce is the right solution to their situation, either because they are being threatened by the other spouse or another family member, they do not want to spend the money on legal fees, or the other side has convinced them that they will not end up with what they believe to be equitable, but they later discover that a dispute over parenting time, property division or other vital matters require a different approach or that they should have taken a different approach and did not, and now they cannot fix or reverse what they agreed to.  Don not let this happen to you. Our experienced attorneys will be there to fight for you and to protect your rights.


A contested divorce does not necessarily mean an angry divorce. It simply means that you and your spouse disagree on certain issues and that you can benefit from further review, disclosures being served and responded to, negotiation of disputed matters and possibly a trial before the court if an agreement cannot be reached.

In a contested divorce, your spouse may or may not have an attorney. If they do not, our firm can negotiate directly with your spouse if he or she does not retain legal counsel, although not having an attorney can increase your legal fees, especially if your spouse is or becomes difficult during the process. If your spouse has a lawyer, we will negotiate on your behalf, directly with your spouse’s attorney to resolve all disputes as amicably, efficiently and successfully as possible.  If your spouse has counsel, and you have counsel, NEITHER of you can contact the other party’s attorney.  You can however, speak to each other.

If your spouse is not represented by counsel, and we represent you, we will contact your spouse to obtain information and to move the case along; you can contact your spouse so long as it is relating to your property or children; and you can ask that they not contact you and only speak to your attorney if you are having communication issues (this usually works unless there are children involved). When disputes are not resolved by agreement, we will prepare for and attend trial as we have the trial experience necessary to vigorously defend your rights, your property and most importantly, your children, in court.

if you have entered into a covenant divorce – our attorneys will protect yoUR INTERESTS

If you have entered into a covenant divorce, allowed under Arizona law (see Sects. 25-901 – 25-906 -of the Arizona Revised Statutes) our qualified divorce attorneys will be there to guide you and help you through the process in finding counselors and in meeting the necessary guidelines set forth in the statutes in order to obtain your divorce. See also


Our attorneys are not interested in generating unnecessary paperwork, lengthy litigation, arguments for the purpose of increasing fees, or expediting your case without covering all the bases, as many attorneys do. We will take the time and work with you and for you to ensure that you have an equitable division of your marital estate, including parenting time and legal decision-making of your children. Our objective is to serve your needs and resolve your case in the best possible manner that puts you in the best position for your future.

We take pride in our ability to help clients resolve disputes without the stress and cost of protracted litigation. While we will prepare meticulously for the possibility of trial in each case, most of our divorce cases are resolved short of trial as a result of our pro-active and creative approach to dispute resolution. Our firm has successfully assisted hundreds of our clients in obtaining a settlement that is much higher or much better than what they were told they would receive by either the opposing counsel or the opposing party, or than what they expected.

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Before you enter into an agreement for divorce, speak with the experienced divorce lawyer about your case at Ayala Law Office, P.C. in Tucson, Arizona. We may be reached at 520-365-3185. You may also contact us by e-mail.

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