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Under Arizona law, domestic partnerships are recognized only for very limited reasons. One way they are used is to grant decision-making authority over a partner’s medical care if he or she is incapacitated and unable to communicate. The state doesn’t have specific registries for domestic partnerships, but the city of Tucson is among a few Arizona municipalities that do have one. At Ayala Law Office, P.C., our Tucson domestic partnership attorneys assist people in committed relationships who are considering this alternative to marriage. We will bring our combined decades of experience practicing family law when advising you regarding each aspect of an Arizona domestic partnership.

Experienced Attorneys Providing Counsel About Becoming A Domestic Partner

Domestic partnership status is available to couples regardless of whether the individuals are of the same or opposite sex. To register under the Tucson Civil Union Ordinance (which was previously the Tucson Domestic Partnership Ordinance) the partners must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Unrelated by blood to the extent that their marriage would be allowed under Arizona law
  • Be mentally competent
  • Be unmarried and not in another domestic partnership
  • State that they are each other’s sole partner
  • Pay a registration fee

Partners must also share a primary residence to establish a legal domestic partnership. Once our family law attorneys understand your situation, they can help you understand whether a domestic partnership is the right choice for you.

Rights Available To Domestic Partners

In Tucson, people who now fall under the classification of civil union partners have the following rights:

  • The right to visit your partner in a health care facility if they allow it
  • The right to extend the use of city facilities to a registered partner as if the partner were a spouse

When it comes to financial matters, domestic partnerships are very different from marriages. Domestic partners are not responsible for their partners’ debt. Assets are separate. Because partnerships are not recognized by the IRS, you cannot file joint tax returns. Our knowledgeable attorneys will explain the practical consequences if you are interested in potentially entering into a domestic partnership.

Couples Looking To End Domestic Partner Agreements

Ending a registered domestic partnership is much simpler than dissolving a marriage. To end a registered domestic partnership in Tucson, you complete a short termination statement supplied by the city and have it stamped by a notary. Only one partner is required to sign. Then, you return the statement with a small processing fee. There is no formal process for modifying a domestic partnership agreement.

Contact A Committed Tucson Domestic Partnerships Attorney For Assistance

At Ayala Law in Tucson, we advise clients on domestic partnerships and help them register these arrangements with the city. To schedule a consultation, call our firm at 520-585-4501 or contact us online.