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Many people who are legally enjoying their lives in the United States want to share the benefits of this country with their loved ones who still live outside this country. Unfortunately, as in all foreign countries, this country’s family immigration process is complex and now more controversial than ever due to the amount of people living in this country who entered illegally and remained in this country without a legal visa to do so. No matter when or how the law changes, our immigration lawyers at Ayala Law Office, P.C., located in Tucson, Arizona, will be there to offer immigration clients the guidance and representation they need to maximize their chances of reuniting with their loved ones in America. Our immigration lawyers know the law and we know how stressful and confusing the immigration process can be, with some family members waiting over 15 years for a visa to become available to them. No matter what your immigration need is, our attorneys will be there to assist you in understanding the law. We will offer you clear and complete legal counsel whether you are seeking an immigrant visa, petitioning for a family member to receive an immigrant visa, or petitioning to become a U.S. citizen. We will be there to assist you and your relatives who are still in their homeland.

Helping Secure Immigrant Visas For Spouses, Children And Others

Our Arizona law firm works hand-in-hand with you and your family members to obtain the necessary evidence, to outline the procedural rules that govern all types of family-based immigration visas, and to assist you in filing for the immigrant visa, in areas including:

  • Immediate relative visas — Individuals who are immediate relatives of U.S. citizens are eligible to petition for and obtain a U.S. visa inside the U.S. and outside the U.S., and we will assist you in filing for that visa. Over the last several years our country has issued an average of 250,000 immediate relative visas per year. If you are a family member who is not an immediate relative, we will work with you to file the petition and understand the limits of visas that apply to family preference categories. An immediate visa is only available for covered family members, who include spouses, unmarried children under age 21, orphans who are being brought to this country and the parents of U.S. citizens who are over the age of 21. An immediate visa does not mean that one is immediately given to your relative. You must first petition and then go through the rigorous immigration application process, and possibly consular processing.
  • Fiancée visas — If you are a U.S. citizen engaged to someone outside the United States, you may be eligible to bring your fiancé to the United States on a fiancé visa. Our firm will work with you to put together the evidence you need and to file and seek the K-1 fiancée visa for your future spouse. These visas are regarded as “nonimmigrant” visas and they only cover the person up until the period of time that they are married to the U.S. citizen. Once the wedding occurs, the foreign spouse will need to petition USCIS again, for their conditional immigrant visa. Our qualified lawyers can assist you in seeking status as a conditional resident of our country, a visa that is available to foreign spouses.
  • Family-based preference visas — Although the dates may change in the Visa Bulletin, over the last several years, over 200,000 people per year have been brought to the United States as part of our country’s family sponsored preference category (See numbers at Spouses and relatives of green card holders (lawful permanent residents) can apply through this program for their qualifying relatives to receive an immigrant visa. However, the limits and classifications given to particular relationships can make this process long and tiring due to the wait per country, in allowing a visa to be issued.

From start to finish, our firm’s attorneys will review and help you in preparing the forms, affidavits and background materials necessary to make the visa process run smoothly and in filing the visa documents required. We have a proven success record of approvals in all filings and we will work to make sure that your case is also approved (note: we cannot guarantee the outcome of your case). Our immigration attorneys are committed to providing you with the highest levels of advice and advocacy so that you and your loved ones can pursue the American dream together.

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