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Experienced Tucson Lawyers Handling Paternity Documents And Disputes

Unmarried men who father children do not automatically gain parental rights. This can create problems for men looking to establish a relationship with their child and for women who require financial support to meet the needs of their sons or daughters. At Ayala Law Office, P.C., in Tucson, our accomplished family lawyers deliver comprehensive counsel in a full range of paternity matters. We guide clients in situations where both parents agree on legal parenthood as well as in situations involving disputed paternity. Though you might believe that your case is simple, there are many complex legal, financial and even scientific issues that can come into play. Our highly qualified Arizona attorneys can help ensure that your rights are protected no matter what the circumstances are in your case.

Accomplished Lawyers Advise On Parental Rights And Responsibilities

We know that children benefit when they have strong relationships with both parents, which is why we work diligently on parenting cases that involve:

  • Fathers seeking to establish paternity – If you fathered a child with a woman who was not your wife at the time of your child’s birth and there is no disagreement about parentage, our firm can draft a Voluntary Affidavit of Paternity. This notarized document is filed with the Arizona Department of Economic Security. We also advocate for men in court when mothers seek to deny the man’s attempt to become the child’s legal father.
  • Custody and parenting time – Arizona favors situations where decision-making authority is shared, so men whose paternity has been established have the same legal rights and duties as other noncustodial parents. These include the right to participate in key decisions involving their child and the right to sufficient parenting time to maintain a relationship with that child. Our firm works to set custody and visitation terms through consensus.
  • Child support – We handle child support issues on behalf of both custodial and noncustodial parents. Whether you are the paying or receiving party, our lawyers will explain what you can expect based on parental incomes, the time spent in each home, health insurance, child care costs and other factors. If an issue arises over undisclosed income, unpaid obligations or the need for a modification, we will pursue a fair resolution.

Whether you’re looking to establish or deny paternity, don’t hesitate to get the effective legal guidance you need to understand your options.

Diligent Advocates Assisting Men Seeking To Disprove Paternity Claims

When a man is wrongly assigned paternity, it creates serious problems for both him and the child. If you believe that a child is not yours despite the mother’s insistence, our skillful litigators will work to disprove the claim against you. In many cases, these determinations turn on DNA evidence. To establish paternity, courts require a result of 95 percent certainty that the named man is the child’s biological father. We can explain the testing procedure and search for other information that supports your case.

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