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Separating K-1 visa myths from facts

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2022 | Blog, Immigration Law

Also known as a fiancé visa, the purpose of a K-1 visa is to provide a way for someone engaged to a citizen of the United States to gain entrance into the country. The myths surrounding this type of visa in Arizona have led to real consequences, including countless people misunderstanding how these visas work.

What to think about before applying

The first thing you should do is make sure you and your spouse are eligible so you don’t end up investing a significant amount of time into something that’s not going to pay off. Finding out if you qualify for this visa type is as easy as looking online.

The deadline for getting married after the issuing of this visa is 90 days. Keep these deadlines in mind to ensure that you are in compliance with the regulations. This gives your fiancé the best possible chance of getting into the country without any hassle.

The next step after obtaining this visa and getting into the U.S. is applying for permanent residency. This is most commonly referred to as a green card and is often given based on marriage.

The most damaging myths

There’s no shortage of K-1 visa misunderstandings that can get you into trouble or lead you astray in the application process. One is the idea that you’ll be required to present insurmountable evidence in order to be accepted.

Another myth is that applying for one of these visas will lead to constant surveillance, being spied on and a general invasion of privacy. Other people have the idea that you have to play the system like a game to win; to do that, you must be privy to a special set of tricks to make it through. Some also worry that you won’t be able to get in touch with anyone in the Embassy.

This is all, fortunately, untrue. Simply following the guidelines can go a long way in putting you on the path to securing your fiancé visa and then eventually your green card. Everyone should be treated fairly and equally in this system.

Someone who is engaged to a U.S. citizen is allowed to enter the United States with a K-1 visa. It’s a stressful process with high stakes and so much resting on the outcome, so it’s natural to have your fears and doubts. But if you persevere and do everything correctly, you should have every opportunity to get your visa.