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Under the immigration laws of our country, if you meet a potential spouse who is not a U.S. Citizen or a U.S. Permanent Resident, and he or she does not live in the United States, and if you wish to bring this person to the United States so that the two of you can marry, our government allows for the application by a U.S. Citizen to seek an approved K-1 Fiancé/Fiancée visa to allow the non-U.S. alien legal entry into the United States to marry the U.S. Citizen. If you need assistance in obtaining a fiancé visa (K-1 visa), look no further than the Tucson-based immigration law firm of Ayala Law Office, PC, with competent and experienced immigration attorneys and immigration lawyers. Our firm has a significant amount of experience in helping individuals from around the world achieve their immigration status in the United States, defend their cases in immigration court and appeal their cases to the appellate court should they have experienced ineffectiveness of their prior counsel or a bad decision on their cases. The immigration attorneys at our firm can assist you throughout the immigration process. If you are seeking a fiancé/fiancée visa (K-1 visa) for your future spouse, our law firm can assist you in this legal process of Petitioning for your future spouse to come to the United States and remain as a resident (conditional or permanent). To learn more about the fiancé/fiancée visa application process, please contact a Tucson fiancé/fiancée visa attorney/Tucson immigration attorney or one of our fiancé visa lawyers online today.


The process of obtaining a fiancé/fiancée visa can be complex, and the non-U.S. citizen can be denied at the Embassy or consulate or by USCIS. Therefore, it is advisable that you work with an experienced immigration attorney throughout the process (before petitioning with the USCIS and in the consular processing process). Before filing a visa application, the immigration lawyers at Ayala Law Office, PC thoroughly interview our clients. This allows our immigration lawyers to get the information that we need from you both so that we can determine the best approach to having a successful outcome when filing a fiancé/fiancée visa application with USCIS. To successfully obtain a fiancé/fiancée visa, a couple must show proof that the relationship is genuine. Additionally, once the foreign alien arrives in the United States, the couple must get married within 90 days in order for the alien to qualify for permanent residency.

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To learn more about obtaining a fiancé visa, permanent residency, conditional residency, waivers for residency or a green card for a foreign alien, please contact our firm and speak to a fiancé visa lawyer or one of our immigration attorneys from our Tucson immigration law firm by contacting us online or by calling one of our experienced Tucson immigration lawyers at 520-365-3185.

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