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Fiancé/Fiancée Visas

Tucson Immigration Attorneys Help Bring Spouses & Fiancées to the United States

Making sure the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted on visa petitions

Spouses and future spouses who want to live together in the United States face significant, often-frustrating and easily misunderstood paperwork and process. You must follow instructions carefully or your visa could be stalled or even denied. Ayala Law Office, P.C. in Tucson, Arizona helps spouses and soon-to-be spouses navigate the alphabet soup of immigration forms and get to the United States as quickly as possible.

Reuniting spouses using appropriate visas

U.S. citizens with foreign spouses have two options to bring them to the United States.

The IR1 or CR1 immigrant visa
The first step is for the U.S. spouse to file the visa petition. After the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) approves the petition, it is sent to the National Visa Center, which will notify you about what fees to pay and additional required documents, and where to send them. Documents include:

  • Passport
  • Affidavit of support from the U.S. spouse
  • Civil documents, such as birth and marriage certificates
  • Completed medical examination forms (you must undergo an exam by an approved physician)

Next, the foreign spouse is interviewed at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. The USCIS then reviews the full record. The length of time required to receive a decision on a visa application varies from case to case.

The K-3 nonimmigrant visa
Recognizing that the process takes considerable time, the USCIS created the K-3 visa to shorten the physical separation between spouses. The foreign spouse may obtain the K-3 visa overseas and enter the United States to await approval of the immigrant visa petition filed by the U.S. spouse. Most of the document and fee requirements are the same as for the immigrant visa petition.

Our attorneys  help determine which family visa is  appropriate and represent your interests throughout the petition process.

Coming to the United States to marry

If you wish to bring a foreign fiancé/ fiancée to the United States to get married, you must file a petition for alien fiancé with the USCIS. If approved, the fiancé must apply for a K-1 nonimmigrant visa. The K-1 visa permits the foreign-citizen fiancé to travel to the United States and be wed to the U.S. citizen sponsor within 90 days of arrival.

To obtain the K-1 visa, the fiancé must meet most of the requirements of an immigrant visa, including documentation, physical, fees and an interview. Once here and married, the foreign citizen will then apply to adjust the immigration status to permanent resident.

Our attorneys understand the intricacies of immigration law because we’ve helped so many clients succeed with their petitions. Don’t risk your loved one’s ability to join you here. We can help guide you through the process, anticipate stumbling blocks, and reduce your anxiety and frustration.

Contact a fiancé immigration lawyer in Tucson

Our Arizona immigration attorneys at Ayala Law Office, P.C. can help you learn more about obtaining a fiancé visa, permanent residency, conditional residency, waivers for residency or a green card for a foreign alien. Please contact us online or at 520-365-3185.

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