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Arizona Probate Lawyers Handle Estates Issues Efficiently


It’s devastating to face the loss of a loved one, and the thought of having to administer that person’s estate may seem more than you can handle. A skilled probate attorney can help relieve some of that burden. The lawyers with Ayala Law Office, P.C. in Tucson have 85 years of combined legal experience, and we use that background to guide family members and personal representatives through the Arizona probate process. In Pima County and the surrounding area, we take on probate challenges and work toward a timely resolution so that heirs can collect their inheritance. No matter how complex an estate might be or what unexpected events occur, our attorneys are determined to see that a decedent’s final instructions are enforced.


Several options exist under Arizona law when a deceased person’s assets need to be distributed. In certain instances involving small estates, you might be able to bypass the probate process completely by executing an affidavit. When probate is required, simplified and informal versions exist that do not require extensive court supervision. Our personalized approach means that we will help you choose the correct option given your circumstances. When necessary, we will handle probate duties including:

  • Filing the Will — To begin the probate process, we file the Will with the court, which court then appoints someone to serve as the estate’s personal representative or Administrator. Sometimes known as an executor, this Administrator is usually named by the decedent in the Will.
  • Transferring assets into the estate — The personal representative must notify the beneficiaries named in the will, along with any estate creditors, within 30 days of the testator’s death. Our firm assists with this task, identifies the property covered by the will, and works to transfer ownership of those assets into the estate.
  • Managing estate duties — Property taxes and other obligations don’t end just because someone has died. Regardless of what is in the estate, we prepare an accurate inventory of each item and manage estate responsibilities, including paying debts, while probate is pending.
  • Distributing the decedent’s property — When all assets have been shifted into the estate and debts have been paid, we organize the distribution of the property to named heirs. At the end of this process, our lawyers petition the court to close the estate.

Don’t risk the extra cost and aggravation that accompanies probate errors. We make sure that the highest legal and professional standards are honored so that the estate can be administered promptly and smoothly.


If a will contest occurs, there can be serious legal, financial and emotional consequences. Our firm advises personal representatives and potential beneficiaries of their rights when the terms of a will are disputed. In cases involving allegations of fraud, undue influence, errors or other types of flaws, we use our knowledge and probate litigation experience to press for an appropriate outcome.

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